Service on the FoKL Board

The management of the Association shall be called the Executive Board of the Friends of Kansas Libraries and will be composed of 4 (four) officers, 2 (two) committee chairs, 7 – 9 (seven to nine) Trustees representative of the urban and regional library systems, and the immediate Past President. Committee chairs are appointed positions. Current FoKL Board is listed here.

The Executive Board meets monthly either online via Zoom, or face-to-face (typically in April, July, and October). A headset with microphone and a computer are needed to participate in the online meetings.  Currently the meetings are held the 3rd Friday of the month at 9:00 am.

There is some personal financial cost for travel to meetings, conference expense, and personal time.  We reimburse up to $50 in travel expense to each board member annually, and often board members ride together to meetings to share costs.

The role of FoKL is not to tell Friends how to support their local library, but to encourage them in their local efforts. Our funds are raised mostly through membership dues, so we work to spread the word that FoKL’s grants and awards are valuable.  Much of what we do centers on keeping members informed through the quarterly newsletter and activities at annual KLA conference.  FoKL is supportive of new groups forming, encourages advocacy for library services, and recognizes outstanding groups and individual Friends.

To visit further about service on the FoKL Board, contact Judy Burgess or Carolyn Little.