Re-vitalizing a Friends organization

Here’s advice on re-vitalizing a Friends group from FoKL.


Friends of Kansas Libraries

Helpful Hint #5




  1. Establish a small group of key individuals who are interested and committed to revitalizing the Friends group. Solicit the views of directors and membership dropouts confidentially to determine problem areas with the Friends organization. Call on the FRIENDS OF KANSAS LIBRARIES to help.
  2. Give a party or program for members and past members only. Make it fun with refreshments and music or entertainment. To be special, it should be a social evening in a private home.
  3. Make a special effort to ensure that membership dropouts will attend.
  4. Send out pre-event and post-event publicity. Give the Friends the look of a fun and meaningful group.
  5. Re-evaluate your goals and objectives. Establish a new mission statement and a new set of goals.
  6. Re-organize the board of directors. Add positions and break down responsibilities fairly so that no individual will be asked to carry too great a burden.
  7. Review the benefits of being a member of the Friends. Develop a new membership brochure.
  8. Organize and run a membership campaign. After the campaign is successfully completed, consider enrolling new members year-round.
  9. Review communications to members; make sure that they are kept informed about Friends activities, programs, and how the funds raised by Friends are helping the library. Remember, some of your members will not be participants in Friends activities, but if kept informed about your good works, they will be supportive by renewing their membership each year.
  10. Make a special effort to show appreciation for the efforts of Friends volunteers. Recognition for these efforts can be made in public meetings by giving a small gift (a book, perhaps?) or a nicely designed certificate of appreciation.
  11. Encourage your Friends members to attend the annual FRIENDS OF KANSAS LIBRARIES luncheon and program, held each spring in conjunction with the Kansas Libraries Association annual conference. FRIENDS OF KANSAS LIBRARIES or your local librarian can provide you with the date and details.

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