Kansas Friends Groups

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Memberships paid for 2018 are underlined. Bold indicates 2017 membership paid, italics indicates memberships 2016 and older.  Regional library system is in parenthesis.
Friends of Abilene Public Library, 209 NW 4th St., Abilene (NCKLS)
Friends of  Andover Public Library, 1511 E. Central, Andover (SCKLS)
Friends of Arkansas City Public Library, 120 E. 5th, Arkansas City (SCKLS)
Friends of Ashland Library, P.O. Box 397, Ashland (SWKLS)
Friends of Atchison Library, 401 Kansas Avenue, Atchison (NEKLS)
Friends of Augusta Public Library, 1609 State Street, Augusta (SCKLS)
Friends of Baldwin City Library, 800 7th St., Baldwin City (NEKLS)
Friends of Basehor Community Library, P.O. Box 128, Basehor (NEKLS)
Friends of Belleville Library, 1327 19th St., Belleville (CKLS)
Friends of Bonner Springs Library, 134 N. Garfield, Bonner Springs (NEKLS)
Friends of Bradford Memorial Library, 611 S. Washington, El Dorado (SCKLS)
Friends of Can-Kan Dream Builders, 201 E. 2nd Ave., Caney (SEKLS)
Friends of Carbondale City Library, 234 Main, Carbondale (NEKLS)
Friends of Chanute Public Library, 111 N. Lincoln, Chanute (SEKLS)
Friends of Cheney Public Library, P.O. Box 700, Cheney (SCKLS)
Friends of Cherryvale Public Library, 329 E. Main, Cherryvale (SEKLS)
Friends of Clay Center Library, 706 6th St., Clay Center (NCKLS)
Friends of Clearwater Library, 6900 S 135th West, Clearwater (SCKLS)
Friends of Coffey County Library, Gridley, P.O. Box 251, Gridley (SEKLS)
Friends of Coffey County Library, Leroy, P.O. Box 36, Leroy (SEKLS)
Friends of Coffey County Library Waverly, 608 Pearson, Waverly (SEKLS)
Friends of Council Grove Library, 25 N. Adams, Council Grove (NCKLS)
Friends of Derby Public Library, 1600 Walnut Grove, Derby (SCKLS)
Friends of Dodge City Library, 1001 2nd Ave., Dodge City (SWKLS)
Friends of Dorothy Bramlage Library, 230 W 7th St., Junction City (NCKLS)
Friends of Douglass Public Library, P.O. Box 190, Douglass (SCKLS)
Friends of Emporia Library, 1963 Rd E., Emporia (NCKLS)
Friends of Erie City Public Library, 204 S. Butler, Erie (SEKLS)
Friends of Eskridge, Mission Valley Jr./Sr. High Book Club
Friends of Eudora Library, 1723 Hawthorne, Eudora (NEKLS)
Friends of Eureka Library, 520 N. Main, Eureka (SEKLS)
Friends of Finney County Library, 605 E. Walnut, Garden City (SWKLS)
Friends of Garnett Library, P.O. Box 385, Garnett (SEKLS)
Friends of Girard Library, 128 W. Prairie, Girard, (SEKLS)
Friends of Graham Co. Library, 422 W. Walnut, Hill City
Friends of Grant Co Library, 215 E. Grant Ave., Ulysses (SWKLS)
Friends of Great Bend Public Library, 3215 Meadowlark, Great Bend (CKLS)
Friends of Hamilton County Library (Teen Leadership Group), Syracuse (SWKLS)
Friends of Hays Public Library, 1205 Main, Hays (CKLS)
Friends of Haysville Library, 210 S. Hays., Haysville (SCKLS)
Friends of Humboldt Library, P.O. Box 86, Humboldt (SEKLS)
Friends of Hutchinson Public Library, 901 N. Main, Hutchinson (SCKLS)
Friends of Ida L
ong Goodman Library, 406 N. Monroe, St. John (SCKLS)
Friends of Independence Public Library, 220 E. Maple, Independence (SEKLS)
Friends of Iola Public Library, 218 E. Madison, Iola (SEKLS)
Friends of Jay Johnson Library, P.O. Box 369, Quinter (NWKLS)
Friends of Johnson County Library, P.O. Box 183, Shawnee Mission (NEKLS)
Friends of Kearny County Library, P.O. Box 773, Lakin (SWKLS)
Friends of Kinsley Library, 208 E. 8th, Kinsley (SWKLS)
Friends of Kingman Carnegie Library, 455 N. Main., Kingman (SCKLS)
Friends of Kismet Public Library, PO Box 23, Kismet (SWKLS)
Friends of KSU Libraries, 1516 Leavenworth, Manhattan (NCKLS)
Friends of Lane County Library, P.O. Box 997, Dighton (SWKLS)
Friends of Lansing Community Library, PO Box 287, Lansing (NEKLS)
Friends of Lawrence Public Library, P.O. Box 1399, Lawrence (NEKLS)
Friends of Leavenworth Library, 417 Spruce Street, Leavenworth (NEKLS)
Friends of Library District #1, Doniphan County, P.O. Box 220, Troy (NEKLS)
Friends of Library District #1, Linn County,
230 Main St., Parker (SEKLS)
Friends Library District #2, Linn County, PO Box 127, LaCygne (SEKLS)
Friends of Liberal Memorial Library,
519 N. Kansas., Liberal (SWKLS)
Friends of Lincoln Carnegie Library
, 203 S. 3rd St., Lincoln (CKLS)
Friends of Lindsborg Library, 111 S. Main, Lindsborg (SCKLS)
Write On,
Friends of Linwood Community Library, P.O. Box 80, Linwood
Friends of Little River Community Library, 2765 Ave. I, Little River (SCKLS)
Friends of Louisburg Library, Louisburg (NEKLS)
Friends of Manhattan Library Assn.
, 629 Poyntz, Manhattan (NCKLS)
Friends of Mary Cotton Library
, 915 Virginia, Sabetha (NEKLS)
Friends of Meade Library,
P.O. Box 218, Meade (SWKLS)
Friends of Meriden Community Library, 7274 K-4 Hwy, Suite D, Meriden (NEKLS)
Friends of Morrill Public Library
, 431 Oregon, Hiawatha (NEKLS)
Friends of Moundridge Public Library, P.O. box 696, Moundridge
Friends of Mulvane Public Library
101 E. Main, Mulvane (SCKLS)
Friends of Newton Public Library,
720 N. Oak, Newton (SCKLS)
Friends of Nickerson Public Library
, 23 N. Nickerson St., Nickerson (SCKLS)
Friends of Norton Public Library,13532 Rd. W, Norton (NWKLS)
Friends of Oberlin Public Library, 104 E. Oak St., Oberlin (NWKLS)
Friends of Olathe Public Library, 201 E. Park, Olathe (NEKLS)
Friends of Osage City Library, 515 Main., Osage City (NEKLS)
Friends of Oskaloosa Library, P.O. Box 347, Oskaloosa (NEKLS)
Friends of Oswego Public Library, 704 4th St., Oswego
Friends of Ottawa Library, 105 S. Hickory St., Ottawa (NEKLS)
Friends of Overbrook Library,
P.O. Box 389, Overbrook (NEKLS)
Friends of Paola Library
,101 E. Peoria, Paola (NEKLS)
Friends of Park City Public Library, 2555 Burlington Ct., Park City (SCKLS)
Friends of Parsons Public Library,311 S. 17th St., Parsons (SEKLS)
Friends of Phillipsburg Public Library, 888 4th St., Phillipsburg (CKLS)

Friends of Pioneer Memorial Library
, 375 W. 4th Street, Colby (NWKLS)
Friends of Pittsburg Public Library,308 N. Walnut, Pittsburg (SEKLS)
Friends of Pittsburg Univ-Leonard Axe Library,
1701 S. Broadway, Pittsburg (SEKLS)
Friends of the Library, Pleasanton, P.O. Box 101, Pleasanton (SEKLS)
Friends of Pomona Library, P.O. Box 101, Pomona (NEKLS)
Friends of Port Library, Beloit
Friends of Richmond Public Library, P.O. Box 237, Richmond (NEKLS)
Friends of Riley Library, 206 S. Broadway, Riley (NCKLS)
Friends of Rolla Library, P.O. Box 412, Rolla (SWKLW)
Friends of Rossville Community Library, 407 Main, Rossville (NEKLS)
Friends of Salina Public Library
, 301 W. Elm, Salina
School Library Advocacy Group, Wichita
Friends of Sheridan County Library,
P.O. Box 607, Hoxie (NWKLS)
Friends of Silver Lake Library, P.O. Box 248, Silver Lake (NEKLS)
Friends of Tonganoxie Library, P.O. Box 26, Tonganoxie (NEKLS – re-vitalizing)
Friends of Topeka & Shawnee County Library,1515 SW 10th, Topeka (NEKLS)
Friends of Topeka High School Library,
800 W. 10th St, Topeka (NEKLS)
Friends of Towanda Public Library, 620 Highland, Towanda (SCKLS)
Friends of Vermillion Community Library, 102 Main St., Vermillion
Friends of W A Rankin Memorial Library, 502 Indiana, Neodesha (SEKLS)
Friends of Wamego Public Library, PO Box  275, Wamego
Friends of Washburn Univ- Mabee Library,1700 SW College Ave., Topeka (NEKLS)
Friends of Waterville Library, PO Box 132, Waterville
Friends of Wellington Library,
720 N A Street, Wellington (SCKLS)
Friends of Wellsville Library Foundation, PO Box 517, Wellsville
Friends of White City Public Library,P.O. Box 206, White City (NCKLS)
Friends of Whitewater Memorial Library,P.O. Box 9, Whitewater (SCKLS)
Friends of Wichita Public Library,711 W. 2nd St., Wichita (SCKLS)
Friends of Winchester Library, 203 4th St., Winchester, KS 66097 (NEKLS)
Friends of Winfield Public Library, 605 College, Winfield (SCKLS)
Fairmont Library Club, Wichita

Abilene City Library
Andale District Library
Andover Public Library
Arkansas City Public Library

Basehor Community Library
Bonner Springs City Library

Central Kansas Library System
Canton Township Carnegie Library
Chanute Public Library
Coffey County Library, Gridley

Derby Public Library
Dixon Township Library (Argonia)
Eudora Public Library
Goodland Public Library
Great Bend Public Library
Hamilton County Library

Haskell Township Library (Sublette)
Haysville Community Library
Hutchinson Public Library

Kansas Library Association
Kansas State Historical Society
Kingman Carnegie Library
Lane County Library
Leavenworth Public Library

Liberal Memorial Library
Mary Cotton Public Library

Manhattan Public Library
North Central Kansas Library System
Northeast Kansas Library System
Northwest Kansas Library System

Oakley Public Library
Oberlin City Library
Oskaloosa Public Library
Oswego Public Library

Perry-Lecompton Community Library
Pioneer Memorial Library

Pleasanton Lincoln Library (Linn Co. Dist #5)
Pottawatomie Wabaunsee Regional Library
Sheridan County Library
Southwest Kansas Library System
Stanton County Library
State Library of Kansas

Tonganoxie Public Library
Vermillion Community Library
Wamego Public Library
Whitewater Public Library

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